BrightVest Africa facilitates several Programs for rebates, funding and financial services to empower the procurement process of any lighting project. Below you will find the different types of financial programs to suit your needs:



ESCo Programme 

What is an ESCO?

As concerns surrounding greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and dwindling natural resources increase, there is a growing need for energy efficient technologies. Rising energy prices, financial constraints and bureaucracy also create a challenging environment full of obstacles and risk. The ESCO program provides a risk-free and comprehensive solution for clients. In the ESCO Program, CONXCORP assumes financial risk, providing upfront capital needed for key infrastructure projects. The comprehensive process includes 4 phases: preliminary audit, detailed analysis, implementation, post implementation, support and maintenance. Turnkey solutions keep clients “in the loop” without the headache of technical assessment, selection, implementation and maintenance process.

  • No out of pocket costs
  • Minimizes your financial risk
  • Eliminates bureaucratic delays and hurdles
  • Obtain superior technology immediately (ESCO holds the risk – will leveage quality products)
  • Eliminate consultant, engineering costs