“Where innovation converges with fundamentals in the LED industry”


We care how you see the world! That’s why we’re experts at applying cutting edge, empowering technology to be at the forefront of LED evolution with turnkey solutions that lead into SMART Cities.  We have set the benchmark away from an inflexible “fixture eye-balling” approach to a solution-oriented approach where our proprietary technology, that is at the core of our innovation, is backed by real long-term assurances.


With an almost three-decade footprint, our experience many firsts in the industry including:


  • Wifi Broadband Network
  • Paperless Classrooms
  • SMART Antenna Systems
  • Integrated Lighting Networks
  • ESCO Solutions

Our global footprint includes:


  • The integration of energy conscious infrastructure
  • Lending support to the World Bank, IADB, IMF, IFC, and many others, to develop best of class components and technical superior innovative solutions for large scale lighting (n excess of 60,000 street lights) and energy projects for Municipalities, Utilities, School Boards, Medical Institutions, REIT’s, Automotive Companies, Property Managers, Public and Private Sector Clients spanning across the Americas, Caribbean, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe
  • A focus on “lighting that matters” creating sustainable solutions for our partners (or clients) to make sure no one gets left in the dark – both here at home and abroad
  • Ensuring well-being of communities and the environment with positive economic returns stemming from sustainable practices resulting in social, cultural, and environmental benefits
  • GREEN Energy Solutions minimizing light pollution and light trespass with energy savings ranging between 50-75%, and drastically reduced carbon offsets
  • Exceptionally long lifespans offering almost ZERO Maintenance to the Client (crews/vehicles, manufacturing, packaging, etc.). bringing all relevant competencies (Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Integration, Deployment, Maintenance, Funding) under one umbrella
  • Improving safety, concentration, mood associated with a variety of health-related benefits
  • Best practice protocols, procedures and tools
  • Intelligent adaptive controls into our fixtures to monitor and control operation to improve efficiency while creating a platform to support Smart Communities
  • Proven cases of drastic reduction in Crime stemming from our technology
  • Incorporated video and analytics into our fixtures
  • In storm-prone environments, we have increased the weatherproofing and resistance to vibration and corrosion. In natural habitats, we have reduced light pollution/trespass and BUG (Backlight, Uplight, Glare) ratings, so as not to adversely affect the local ecology
  • Developing what is the world’s next generation of ultra-efficient, multi-functional, long lasting, reliable, environmentally responsible lighting


    “Lightyears Ahead in the LED World”